Carlinville Truck Equipment Mfg Inc.

20868 N. University St. Carlinville, IL 62626

Phone: 217-854-6706

Toll Free: 1-800-252-9631

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Rugged and durable trucking equipment

Ramsey Winches

The reliable team at Carlinville Truck Equipment can sell, install and service a full line of truck equipment, including dump bodies, flat, stake, grain, utility and van bodies, hoists, lift gates, cranes, winches and hydraulic equipment.


We offer a full line of utility, flat, dump and detachable trailers. Our team manufactures industrial roll back equipment loaders, speciality beds, trailers and trailer components.


We can provide structural and plate steel and aluminum plus custom fabrication, while repairing trucks and trailers as well. We have been proud to serve Macoupin County and central Illinois for over twenty years.

Numerous models are available for superior RV, boat, and ship winching.

How to find us

Harsh Hoists

Single-acting and double-acting cylinder scissor hoists are available.

Up for sale!

Thinking about purchasing a new truck or piece of equipment? We can help.

20868 N. University St. PO Box 512

Carlinville, IL

E-mail: info@ctemi.com

Product lines

Dump Bodies: Crown beds, Hilbilt and Industrial Truck Beds

Rollback platforms: Carlinville Truck Equipment Inc.

Platform bodies: Parkhurst Manufacturing

Utility bodies: Warner and Stahl

Dry freight bodies: US Truck Body

Service & van bodies: US Truck Body

Specialty platform: Parkhurst

Lift Gates: LeyMan, Tommygate, Thieman, Waltco and Anthony

Hoist & hydraulic cylinders: Harsh

Hydraulic systems: Muncie Power Products

Winches: Ramsey

Air lift suspensions: Ridewell

Tarps: US Tarp, Aero, Tarps Mfg, and Shurco

Bed liners: Ramex Liners

Lighting & emergency systems: Peterson MFG, Trucklite, Maxxima, and Star Warning Systems

Hitches; Buyers

Tool boxes: Buyers and RC Industries

Custom hydraulic hoses: Weather Head Products

Hydraulic control valves: Gresen and Parker-Hannfin

Heavy duty axle parts: Stemco Seals and Timken Bearings

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