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Strong and durable Ramsey winches

Model 200/300

Model 200/300 Series 8,000 lbs. (3,620 kg) line pull rating gives superior service on recreational vehicles, rear-of-cab hoisting and pulling, boat and ship winching and industrial applications.


Model 400

Model 400 Series 10,000 lbs. (4,530 kg) line pull rating ideal for industrial, boat and ship winching and for 3/4 to 1/2 ton truck front mount and rear-of-cab applications.


Model 600

Model 600 Series 12,000 lbs. (5,430 kg) line pull rating ideal for front and rear-of-cab mounting on 1 to 2 ton trucks, industrial applications and boat winching.



Model 700

Model 700 Series 15,000 lbs. (6,790 kg) line pull rating provides excellent service for 1 1/2, 2, and 2 1/2 ton trucks, front or rear-of-cab, boat, ship, and dock winching, and various industrial applications.



Model 800

Model 800 Series 20,000 lbs. (9,060 kg) line pull rating for front or rear-of-cab service on 2 to 4 ton trucks, seismic applications, marine installations or for various industrial plant applications.




Hydraulic Worm Gear Winches

Hydraulic Planetary Gear Winches

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